The Craw's Nest Project



Work is now complete.  Pictured is the new notice board which gives a description of the various mosaics,


"Following the successful completion of the Craws Nest mosiacs, the Arts Council in Edinburgh who represent the "Make a Splash" awards in Scotland suggested we submit the project to their national body. The national EPIC awards started in 2011 and there are winners and runner up positions in each of the regions - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are very pleased to have been firstly shortlisted and then awarded the 2013 runners up position for Scotland.


Trevor Bradley, who instigated this project is pictured here installing one of the mosaics.  A large polytunnel has been erected to keep the work dry whilst the mosaics are being laid.  The tunnel will be removed when the work is completed,

Work was  undertaken by Arduthie, Dunnottar and Mill O Forest Primary Schools, Mackie Acadamy and Adult Art Classes in Stonehaven.




The preliminary design of the Celtic Knot mosaic.






The finished mosaic 









R W Thomson Mosaic by Julia Nicholson


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